Our Charter

As a network we have agreed to focus on the following areas to effect a positive shift in our respective organisations and the communities we live in: 

disability awareness

Steps taken to raise awareness of disability throughout our organisations, to promote understanding, dialogue, and the other objectives outlined. Enable appropriate and active involvement of persons with disabilities. 

employment opportunity

Focus on equal opportunity for persons with disabilities, throughout the employee life cycle – both to attract, retain, and develop/ promote persons with disabilities. Steps to facilitate this start with engagement with individuals and groups and can include, reviewing and as appropriate changing: recruitment channels and procedures, the physical working environment, adaptations to job content or structure, training (for persons with disabilities, and those who work with and manage persons with disabilities) and formal and informal flexible working arrangements. 

community engagement

Take steps to make Singapore an even more inclusive society, playing our part – as individuals, and as members of the business community – to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society.