4 Inclusivity Hacks Only Savvy Employers Will Know

Looking for ways on how YOU can transform your office into an inclusive workplace? Search no further! Here are some top tips by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) to up your inclusivity game.


#1 Establish Collaborative Partnerships

With their first hire of persons with disabilities (PwDs) stretching all the way back to 1986, IHG is a pioneer in this field. Even so, that did not mean they came this far on their own. Identifying the right partners who share the same vision is key. To support their corporate sustainability vision in creating opportunities to hire employees with special needs, IHG has thus far partnered with non-governmental organisations (NGOs)/special education schools such as Grace Orchard School, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), Metta School and Delta Senior School. Forging these long-term partnerships enables IHG to identify individuals who are ready to be integrated into the diverse teams at IHG.

#2 Provide Internship Opportunities

Internships are often helpful in providing the necessary working experience for aspiring students. In order to gradually assimilate students into IHG’s hotel operations, IHG offers internship programmes that last between six months to one year. To accommodate varying student needs, IHG works very closely with their teachers and even family members during this time. The internship programmes have proven to be an excellent way for employers and PwDs alike to experience working together.

#3 Modify Work Processes

The experience with employing PwDs has also been beneficial for IHG in identifying areas of improvement to be a more inclusive employer. To cater to the needs of colleagues with mental disabilities, IHG have successfully broken down training and workflows into simplified and repeatable steps. Supervisors are also trained to conduct more frequent checks, investing time and effort into employee well-being. These initiatives have clearly paid off as those who’ve had interactions with colleagues with mental disabilities have found them to be more committed and positive in their overall performance.

#4 Seek Consultation Services

Clearly, none of these achievements could have been accomplished alone! Through their partnerships with schools and other NGOs, IHG was able to successfully implement positive adjustments to simplifying processes and flexible working arrangements, to accommodate PwDs to work effectively. Where required, working in close consultation with the relevant experts has certainly shown to yield positive results.